Advanced Smart Multimodal Data Processing


Francesco Camastra, Angelo Ciaramella, Michele Scarpiniti,Antonino Staiano


Multimodal systems offer a flexible, efficient and usable environment
allowing users to interact through input modalities. Multimodal signal
processing is an important research and development field, in
multimodal systems sector, that processes signals and combines
information from a variety of modalities (e.g., speech, language,
text) which significantly enhance the understanding, modelling, and
performance of human-computer interaction devices or systems enhancing
human-human communication. Moreover, multimodal human-computer
interaction enables a more free and natural communication, interfacing
users with automated systems in both input and output. The aim of the
special session is to host original papers and reviews on recent
research advances and the state-of-the-art methods in the fields of
Soft Computing, Machine Learning and Data Mining methodologies
concerning with the processing of multimodal data in order to
highlight about systems and data processing tools.